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Music in Theory - Philosophy of Pedagogi

I believe as an educator, that all students’ unique abilities and individual goals should be taken into consideration when designing the curriculum. Additionally, I keep the end goal in mind and stay focused on what we need to learn, even when how we learn it changes and adapts over time.

I am fond of Dr. Howard Gardeners theory of multiple intelligences and believe these concepts should be extrapolated to the music classroom. I am a big proponent of developing multiple means of engagement with the students as a means of keeping things interesting and also helping students to retain the knowledge presented in the classroom. When teaching theory, I want students to be clapping and singing. When teaching ensembles, I want students to move their bodies as in Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Furthermore, I believe composition and improvisation to be essential components of musical studies.

In the past, I have used my expertise to develop classes and ensembles at elementary levels. I have used concepts such as improvisation and eurhythmics when directing a university band. However, it is my goal for the future to modernize collegiate programs for better learning, as well as to develop new elective courses such as psychology of music and philosophy of music.

Psychology of Music
Philosophy of Music
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